Blair Watkins


As President of The Guess Corporation, it is my pleasure to welcome your interest in our company. I joined this company in October of 2017 because I am a beneficiary of a second chance and I believe in our mission. While I've had an incredible career, I made my own share of mistakes. I am personally committed to using my knowledge and experience to build our company into a leading organization that lends a helping hand and invests in the lives of others. Our focus is not on how much money we can make, but on how many lives we can positively impact for the better. Of course, people may want to talk about our founder's past or the setbacks of the company prior to my tenure. However, as a revamped company and social enterprise, we choose to focus on the present, and we are moving in the right direction now. We are working diligently to clear up outstanding debts and ensuring that the company is stable long-term in order to fulfill its mission. I am excited about the turnaround efforts, the progress already made, and the company's future.

The Guess Corporation has bold and creative ideas for products and services that will enhance daily experiences for consumers. We look forward to bringing those ideas to fruition as a restructured company. After all, it is not how many times you're knocked down, it is how many times you are able to get back up. Well, the company has decided to get back up and we are grateful for the support of those standing behind us, as we pursue endeavors that have a higher purpose than just making money.